Access your artistic soul, write more letters, and stay connected. With OPW subscriptions, you’ll receive carefully curated shipments of themed products to foster creativity and correspondence.


Each month you’ll receive a shipment of 5 themed greeting cards, 1 matching colored pen, and an occasional bonus gift just for you. OPW kits will include an insert providing information on featured artists and card companies. Should you order a gift, your recipient will receive a custom card with your message included. 



Each month you’ll receive a themed variety pack of vintage postage stamps with a face value of between $2.75 - $3.25. Whenever possible, these stamp kits will coordinate with our monthly OPW greeting card theme. If you are a OPW subscriber, your stamp kit will be included in your monthly greeting card packet.


"I am so happy to have found you on Instagram. Your feeds are my favorites…your posts and stories inspire me. Every single package I have received from OPW has been amazing - and not just the products themselves, but your thoughtful packaging and kind notes."

- Jill W.