What Goes Around Comes Around

One-Per-Week is the new paper-baby by boutique stationery company, Carde Blanche, to encourage traditional ways of communication via snail mail. Over the years, we’ve seen the art of the written word fall by the wayside. With One-Per-Week, you’ll enjoy bringing back letter writing, one card at a time. Whether it’s a thank you for a gift, a special birthday wish, or just a quick note to say hello, sentiments on paper tell someone that you sat down and took the time to express their importance to you. On the receiving end, we all know that special feeling when opening the mailbox to find something other than an advertisement. 

With One-Per-Week, you’ll be stocked up with a selection of four specialty cards and coordinating colored pen each month. The rest is up to you. So what do you say? Can you write one letter per week?  Remember, what goes around comes around in the mail box.