One-Per-Week, started by Lori Christensen, is a way to encourage people to express their thoughts, emotions, experiences, and stories with pen, paper, postage, and paints. The challenge is to cut back on expressing gratitude in verbal shorthand via text message. Why? Because reading a letter from a hand-addressed envelope instead of a text message means more, says more, and matters more.

Our mission is to foster creativity in your letter writing and painting sessions. These activities should be fun, accessible, and something you look forward to doing. We partner with talented artists and greeting card companies to provide you with creative themes, high-quality cards, pens, and periodic bonus goodies (think Cracker Jack box, but better). Add a OPWStamp subscription and receive a variety of vintage postage stamps, a necessity and colorful option to your letter writing routine. Your mail will tell a vibrant story of postal history the recipient is sure to love.

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